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In the event of any problem that may arise with the features and services offered by Dailybdcircular, Dailybdcircular makes the Dailybdcircular Support Team available to users to resolve it. The way to get in contact with him is through his email address.

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Suppose any user considers that their intellectual property rights have been infringed. In that case, they can contact our Dailybdcircular Support Service to inform us or request the execution of any action aimed at putting an end to said situation.

These Terms Of Use Are Subject To Possible Changes

To ensure that the Dailybdcircular Services comply with current legislation and are kept up to date with any possible changes to it, Dailybdcircular reserves the right to update and change the current Terms of Use without prior notice writing, or in any other way. The non-acceptance of these changes implies the immediate denial of permission to access the Services offered by Dailybdcircular.